Understanding the Franciscan Charism

The people who have enjoyed this presentation are folks in charge of conveying the Franciscan charism to others including Vice Presidents in charge of Charism, plus men and women from myriad roles within Franciscan universities. I gave this as a huge talk at the AFCU (Association of Franciscan Colleges and Universities conference in 2016 to rave reviews.

A lot of people find themselves serving in Franciscan hospitals, schools and other awesome ministries and they don’t know quiet how to articulate the Franciscan charism or where to find its roots in the writings. The truth is that a lot of people in these positions don’t know who to ask or what to ask as they are working hard to learn all about St. Francis himself and the Franciscan charism.

These examples of past formats may be helpful to you as you think about the logistics of this program:

  • 5 hours in 1 day Charism Intensive Workshop (offered to teachers at a Franciscan-founded school serving kids in New Mexico).
  • 1.5 hour Power Point-assisted presentation (offered to staff and administrators at the Association of Franciscan Colleges & Universities conference).

I have to tell you that as an educator, I absolutely love giving this talk. The primary reason is that I know it resonates with people. I know that there are people serving in these institutions who know this stuff in their heart and to have it fully articulated for them, with its firm foundation in the writings of St. Francis and St. Clare makes sense to them. From our time together, they can go on to the people they serve and teach them what it means to be serving in a Franciscan way.

You will find that I am very flexible and easy to work with as we figure out the logistics of offering this program.