What Monastery Life can Say to us during Quarantine

So, here we find ourselves:

Sequestered, quarantined, social distancing, cloistered. It is the closest thing to life in a monastery most of us have experienced, but there are people who have intentionally lived this way for decades:

New Jersey Monastery

Find out what the Poor Clare (Franciscan) sisters of the Monastery of St. Clare in New Jersey have to say about this 800-year tradition of quiet, community, simplicity and contemplation:

After you watch this, what do you think about:

  1. Your connection with those you live with?
  2. Simplicity, attachment to your belongings?
  3. Gratitude for what you have?

Visit” the Monastery of St. Clare in South Carolina

“Visit” The Monastery of St. Clare in Montana!

“Visit” the Monastery of St. Clare in Ohio!

Original musical score in Montana’s Monastery and A Quiet Joy is by Award winning Composer/Percussionist/Keyboardist, Scott McLaughlin. When composing an underscore, he strives to capture the emotional content of the characters in the scene. Story is the master. Work with him or check out his other work at www.scottmclaughlinmusic.om

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